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Sensory Climb & Play

Attending a group setting for the first time with your baby is something that can cause a lot of anxiety for new mum's. It is one of the main reasons why classes are kept small and intimate.

We want all mums to feel welcome, heard and supported while being in a loving and calm environment. Our classes are safe place free of judgement to meet mums, make friends and build that vital support network. The classes are just as much for you as they are for your baby.

Our Sensory Climb and Play Sessions are perfect for babies who are on the move! 

Once your little one has mastered the art of tummy time and is starting to crawl, it is time to consider the next steps in their learning journey.  They now need a class that provides them with the space to move and explore - yet still has that element of one on one time and connection with their parent.

These classes use short bursts of Baby Yoga, coupled with opportunities for free play in the form of baby brain breaks to support your baby’s physical development - from a new crawler all the way through to a wobbly walker! 

We also include a half an hour wellbeing session, a chance for you to sit, eat a biscuit or two and chat with other Mamas at the end of the class.

5 Week Course

The classes were tailored to our children exactly.  Kelly was attentive and truly cared about each child and their likes and dislikes. It was lovely to have time to chat with other mums too