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Sleeping Baby

Sleep Support

Here you will find contacts for Gentle Sleep Support

Claire Louise Sleep Consultant

Gentle support with any issues/questions you may have regarding sleep for your little ones.

Website: http://clairelouisesleep.co.uk/

Email: hello@clairelouisesleep.co.uk


Contact: 07889 504211

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The Beyond Sleep Training Project

We support parents in understanding biologically normal infant and toddler sleep and navigating the early years of parenting without sleep training.

Website: https://thebeyondsleeptrainingproject.com/

Email: thebeyondsleeptrainingproject@gmail.com


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Helping parents raise babies who will grow to be emotionally healthy adults. An up to date, science-based approach to parenting, explaining the vital importance of the early years. This is where the foundations for our lifelong mental health are laid.

Website: http://www.grobrain.com/

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