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About Us

Happy Mama supports Mother and Baby Wellness in our Community.  Whether you are looking to make a new mummy friend, seek local support and advice  or want to find out about local classes and services running...we are a growing community of mamas ready to support and nurture each other 

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Our Story

Happy Mama launched in February 2020 just running weekly wellbeing sessions for new mums.

Since then Happy Mama has evolved and grown into a wonderful community of mums supporting mums with a team of teachers too.


We now host a whole range of classes, workshops and sessions to take you from pregnancy right through to your child starting school. 


We have a team of wonderful contributors including sleep and feeding support, fitness and wellbeing specialists and have discounts available with local affiliates too.

We want every mum at Happy Mama to feel supported, be given the opportunity to meet and make new mum friends alongside taking some wellness for themselves.

Welcome to Happy Mama x

Meet the Team

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Hi, I'm Kelly, Music and Movement Instructor, Baby Yoga Facilitator and Founder of Happy Mama.

I did not transition well into Motherhood when my daughter was born in 2013.  There were many things that I struggled with in the early days and never really found my village.

I want Happy Mama to be a welcoming place for all mums to feel nurtured, cared for and 'heard' no matter their journey.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know you and your little one.

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Hi, I'm Kayleigh, I’m a mummy of two, Nature and Farm Tots Facilitator and Baby Massage Instructor.

My children keep me very busy and I love being their mummy more than anything in the world.

That said, at times it is and has been a challenge and I hope that I can use my experiences to help other mamas who are going through similar things.

I look forward to meeting you all at a class or session with us soon!

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Hi, I'm Lizzie mum of two, Nature Tots Facilitator and Walk & Talk Leader.

I joined Happy Mama last year as a way to connect with other mums whilst most groups were closed.

I have enjoyed everything that Happy Mama provides and can't wait to support more mamas in our community.

See you all soon!

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Hi, I'm Emma, mother of 2 boys and Baby Yoga Instructor. 

I joined Happy Mama after the birth of my youngest, to connect with local mums.

I have experienced firsthand the benefits of the WhatsApp, the friendliness of the baby sensory classes and the entertainment of the toddler groups too.

I cannot wait to welcome you all to a session with us soon!

Our Contributors

These people play a big part in contributing to our Happy Mama Community, whether they feature in our live Q&A's, contribute topics for our blog posts, help us to run workshops or sessions, or collaborate with us for events and retreats.  We believe in bringing our community together, whether is be through friendship, networking or business. 


Tania Fitness

Hi I’m Tania a level 3 personal trainer and level 3 pre/post natal instructor and mummy to two little girls. 

I have been teaching a wide range of fitness classes since 2012 and I launched Tania Fitness for Mummies in 2017 when I was pregnant with my 1st baby.

I run daytime and evening classes suitable for pregnant, post natal mums from 6-10 weeks, mums with toddlers and throughout your motherhood journey.

Our classes involve exercises to help you physically recover, strengthen, tone your arms, bum, legs, tummy, back and pelvic floor.

An important part is also to help improve your mental health by being surrounded by other mums and make you feel better are doing are workouts with bonding time with your little ones.

E:  tania.a.bryant@gmail.com 


Claire Louise Sleep

Hi I'm Claire, I am a mum, a wife and a sleep consultant and I use all of these roles to help my families.

No child is the same (even in the same family!) and can vary greatly in everything, including sleep (or lack of it!).

I prioritise the sleep for your whole family but I also make sure you create amazing memories as a family and I think this is really important I often have conversations with families around finding the balance that works for them.


It would be lovely to get to ‘meet’ your little ones so feel free to get in touch if you have any sleep questions.

E:  hello@clairelouisesleep.co.uk

Louise Goulding Nutrition

Hi, I'm Louise, and I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist (BANT, CNHC)


·        Is your skin making you feel self-conscious?

·        Have you tried every diet under the sun but still can’t lose weight?

·        Are your digestive issues affecting your daily life?

·        Do you feel constantly exhausted?

·        Are your periods irregular and painful?

·        Have you got feelings of anxiety?


These are just some of the things that I help women like you with.


My three step programme starts with nourishing your body with nutrient rich foods. We then look at restoring and rebalancing your gut and your hormones. Finally we focus on making time for you through movement, relaxation and sleep.


As a mum of three I understand how precious your time is when you have little ones to care for. So my approach is very simple and practical. It's about making small and sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle to help you feel energised and beautifully confident.  


If you’d like to find out more then get in touch. I offer all clients a free 30 minute call to discuss how you are feeling, and how nutritional therapy could help.


W: www.louisegouldingnutrition.co.uk

E: louise@louisegouldingnutrition.co.uk