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Feeding the Toddler


Our workshops are all about supporting and empowering parents with the knowledge and information they need to make informed decisions about various aspects of parenthood.  All workshops include a chance to chat and ask questions in a welcoming, non judgemental environment.


Womb to World

This workshop explains birth from baby's perspective, why recreating the womb environment is so important, how to recognise baby's cues, recognising colic and how to respond to baby's needs using a nurturing touch.



Mother and Baby

Settle and Soothe

Natural soothing techniques using massage, yoga and aromatherapy to help relax and calm you and your baby.  This workshop uses simple instinctive techniques to help settle, soothe and calm your baby. 


In person

Baby Girl with Soother


In this workshop we chat through signs, symptoms and remedies, we show you how massage can relive teething pain and also make a lovely silicone bead teething toy to take home.



In person

Cute Baby Crawling

Tummy Time

This workshop will offer an insight into the benefits of tummy time and how this play position can support the development of your baby from birth up to 6 months old.


In person

Cute Baby


This workshop gives crawlers the chance to enjoy some songs to support their development as well as a chance to free explore in a safe environment with the added reassurance of mama close by.


In person

Natural Weaning

Our workshop includes an in depth understanding of how and when to start solids, the difference between spoon fed and baby led weaning plus and a knowledge of infant nutrition.

In person

Feeding the Toddler
Mother and Son

Terrific Toddlers

In this workshop we explore how rapid physical development often leaves cognitive processing and emotional regulation behind, resulting in overwhelm (aka the dreaded toddler tantrum!)



Raw Vegetables

Fussy Eaters

This workshop includes Montessori inspired mealtime ideas, Yoga flashcards to support your little ones to access 'rest and digest' and sensory play ideas to support eating as a new skill.


Playing with Toys

Potty Training

In this workshop we will cover, what a child led approach looks like, physical readiness - the cues, and cognitive and emotional readiness - the cues. 


In person

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