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Our Classes

We wholeheartedly believe that going to a baby/toddler class is so much more than just something to do with your little one. It's an opportunity to learn, bond and socialise with other likeminded Mums too. From Baby Massage and Baby Yoga to Nature and Active Tots, there is a class to suit every baby and toddler.


Full Antenatal Course

A full antenatal course for Mama & Birth Partner to fully prepare them for pregnancy, birth and beyond.  Explore the benefits of hypnobirthing for pregnancy, birth and beyond.  Discuss what to pack in your hospital bag​ and what to do with your beautiful new arrival including feeding & sleeping - this course has it all!


4 week course

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Pregnancy Mindfulness

These sessions are taught by Carrie from Mama Glow Studio and focuses on pregnancy mindfulness, breathing techniques and other hypnobirthing tools. These sessions will promote a strong bond with your bump, aim to reduce pregnancy anxiety and prepare Mamas for a calm & positive pregnancy and labour.


6 week course

Cup of Tea

Mama Cuppa Club

A weekly session where new mums can come with their baby, sit comfortably, talk to other mamas while we bring you a hot cuppa and a biscuit or two.  On occasions we will invite people from our community to join us to sit and talk to you in an informal way about anything from feeding to sleep.



Mother and Baby in Autumn

FREE Mama Walk & Talk

We welcome bumps, slings and buggy's to these walk and talk sessions which are a great way to get outside in the fresh outdoors and meet and chat to other like minded mamas.


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Farm Tots 2-4 years

Our parent and child Farm Tots session gives your child the opportunity to enjoy a walk through the farm, meet the animals, listen to a story, sing songs and take part in an activity/craft based on the animal of choice that week.



Nature Tots - Confident Walkers +

We truly believe that open ended, natural resources inspire curiosity and imagination and that childhood should be a time to run, jump, sing, tell stories and make mud pies- and this is reflected in our Nature Tots classes!


Autumn Boy
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Baby Nurture - 6 weeks +

This class focuses on the power of nurturing touch to support attachment, soothe and settle and aide common baby ailments like colic, digestive issues and colds as well as support the development of babies with early sensory integration.


5 week course

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Sensory Stretch - 4 months +

This class focuses heavily on the importance of tummy time, early sensory play ideas to stimulate babies brain and vestibular system, sensory stretch and sing routines to support coordination, proprioceptive awareness and communication.

5 week course

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Sensory Climb - Crawlers +

This class is for babies who are on the move!  Once your little one has mastered the art of crawling, it is time to consider the next steps in their learning journey.  They now need a class that provides them with the space to move.


5 week course 

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Tiny Tots Dance - 1-4 Years

This fun parent and toddler dance session is most suitable for confident walkers up to 4 years.  We use lots of colourful props, a variety of nursery rhymes and songs to inspire your toddlers imagination through dance, song and play.


6 week blocks

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Stay & Play - Under 2's

Encouraging your toddler to get active in a fun and adventurous way! This active tots session will include a free play on our obstacle course, set up with balance beams, stepping stones, tunnels, trampolines and wobble boards.


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Yoga Tots 2-4 Years

We keep flow between activities incorporating movement, songs and sensory integration rather than expecting toddlers to sit and meditate! We follow the Rainbow of Feelings themes and utilise sensory scarves, forest fairies and stories.


4 week blocks


BuggyBeat Fitness Sessions

Buggy Beat™ is an outdoor fitness class for parents and baby/toddler aimed NOT just at postnatal mums, but ALL parents and guardians who look after babies and toddlers.

4 week Course