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Feeding the Toddler

Weaning Workshop

Weaning your baby is an exciting (and messy!) time, yet you may find conflicting information on when to start and how to start.

Our Natural Weaning Workshop has been developed to simplify the information and prepare you for developing a healthy eater from the offset.

During this 1.5 hour workshop, we will cover:

What is weaning?

When & how to start?

What foods to give & when?

Purees V baby led weaning

Home V ready-made baby food?

Allergies and reflux

Cups and drinks


Handy tips for preparing foods in advance

In person

Brilliant, informative workshop that I thoroughly enjoyed. I always feel very welcome and relaxed at happy mama classes and workshops. My little one love the messy play at the end of the session.

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What are the 3 signs that your baby is ready for solids?  Find out in this FREE download here!

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